CG Dashboard

AngularJS - Node - MongoDB - UI Design - Highcharts - SASS


Common Grounds (CG) is a local gaming organization that hosts tournaments and other events with various different video games. To track their players, CG was writing everything down with pen and paper. This made it hard to track player behavior, statistics, and event-related analytics.

Even though it's a web app, I created it with a strong focus on mobile use since that's how it'd be used the most. Adding players and games can be done in a single step with minimal friction, and if players have previously visited, the autocomplete feature will populate each field with their information.

The design is minimal and simplistic on purpose; with so many players coming in, there is little room for unnecessary on-screen elements. Games can be managed through the use of tags, and CG can view either all players or just those that are currently visiting.

Charts are currently being developed with Highcarts to give further insight into player behavior, including peak times, most popular games, most frequent players, and much more.


  • Quick player addition
  • Game management
  • Player-specific data
  • Mobile-first design
  • ~16ms load time
  • Google+ integration