AngularJS - Highcharts - HTML5 - Bootstrap - Responsive - CSS


Sideline asked me to create a front end for their web app, a fantasy sports site that's centered around games, not players. The REST API was written in Python and mostly finished by the time I got started.

For the live data, I chose Highcharts because it is flexible, I am comfortable using it to quickly create solid charts, and it has more chart types than most other competitors.

I decided to use Angular 1.5.x to power the front end because at the time we started (early February '16), Angular 2 was everchanging and unproven. Because development needed to move quickly and the site had to be as responsive as possible, the team and I opted to build off of Bootstrap 3.

There were many different mechanics that needed to be implemented including matchups, leaderboards, step-by-step tutorials for new users, rules for playing and betting, pick selections, and so much more.


  • Dynamic matchups
  • Pick games, not players
  • Live scores & stats
  • Leaderboards & trophies
  • 100% Anonymous