Simple Budget

AngularJS - AWS - Responsive UI Design - HTML5 - CSS - SCSS


Simple Budget was created out of a need to lay out my finances in one place without needing to register for an account, go through the process of adding each financial account through a tedious add-on process, and be able to organize loans or debts easier.

Because it's all saved on local storage without any personal info, it's a safe, easy way to quickly map out your monthly numbers and get a handle on your finances.

The Credit Cards and Loans tab allows you to quickly add each loan or credit card you may have. Once your cards are entered, you may sort them however works best for you - by due date, interest rate, minimum payment amount or total balance.

I developed Simple Budget using Angular 1.5x, and deployed it using Amazon Web Services and S3 for storage.


  • Utilizes local storage
  • Custom field names
  • Calculate net profit/loss
  • Debt & loan organizer
  • 100% Anonymous